Dr. Nasser Mohamed
Dr. Nasser Mohamed

Dr. Nas Mohamed is a Qatari physician and an LGBT rights activist. In 2022, he became the very first LGBT Qatari to publicly come out on BBC news. During his international petition campaign "Love is not a crime," which more people signed than the total number of those that physically attended the last game of the 2022 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Qatar, he got the stories of LGBT Qataris to be covered in all continents and in most languages. He also connected LGBT victims of physical torture from Qatar to the human rights watch and published the very first country conditions report for LGBT individuals in Qatar. 

​​He is also the founder of Osra Medical in San Francisco that provides internal medicine and HIV medicine, and The Alwan Foundation, the first LGBT organization with a focus on advancing LGBT rights in the Gulf region in the Middle East. 

In 2023, Dr. Nas was thrilled to be voted for by the public to be the Community Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Pride celebration in June:

“To be a Grand Marshal of San Francisco Pride is to tell all of those watching me in silence that their lives matter. It is telling them that they would be loved and accepted just as they are without needing to fragment themselves. It is establishing that LGBT individuals and their rights are universal and that we are all together in this fight for equality.”