Megan Beveridge

Megan Beveridge, Scottish soldier and Lone Piper

Lance Bombardier Megan Beveridge is a member of 19th Regiment Royal Artillery, The Scottish Gunners. She was the first female and, at 21-years old, was the youngest person ever to pass the Army’s Pipe Majors course. She was the first female soldier to be selected for the prestigious role of the Lone Piper at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Lance Bombardier Beveridge started to learn to play the bagpipes when she was 9-years old, after her older sister decided to give them up. She continued to play in the cadets and when she joined the army at age 16. She currently serves as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer within The Royal Regiment of Artillery. She works in the logistical section of her current unit, where she supports coordinating the resupply requirements for the day-to-day running of the Regiment. In her spare time, she continues to play the pipes and travels with the Regiment’s Pipes and Drums. She has played at numerous events and has recently returned from a Pipes and Drums tour in Australia.

Her big moment came in 2016 when she was named to the prestigious role of the Lone Piper at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. She became the second ever female lone piper, after Officer Cadet Elaine Marnoch, a reserve soldier from Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps, in 1977. Beveridge played the lament 'Sleep Dearie Sleep' on the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle to an 8,800-strong audience. She has said she was less nervous about her performance than she was about performing the Gaelic Toast beforehand, which involves drinking a Quaich (Scottish drinking cup) of whisky.


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